What is a blister pack?


Blister packaging is a shell made of plastic sheet mate […]

Blister packaging is a shell made of plastic sheet material in the same shape as the packaged commodity, and the commodity is packed in a transparent shell. The shape and quantity of products in blister packs are clearly visible, which can entice buying enthusiasm.

Three elements of blister packaging
The elements of blister packaging are: forming a transparent plastic shell; goods to be packaged; assembly, that is, assembling the above two components together with a bottom plate material.

General types of blister packs
(1) Single card fixed type. It is suitable for light and small commodity packaging without special packing or machinery. It is a way of nailing and nailing only with a stapler. In order to make up for the shortcomings of the perforation of the stapler, various applications of the blister sealer can be used in mass production to melt the machine. The constant sealer using the nickel-chromium alloy wire and the band heater can generate a large number of pulse seals in an instant It uses high frequency or ultrasonic to generate molecular heat, etc.

(2) Dual card fixed type. The method is to use double-layer folding cards, or two cards, open the window on one or both sides, put the blister into the product after protruding from the window, so that the cards are glued to each other. It is suitable for packaging bulky items such as fishing tackle, and the inner goods can be seen completely from both sides, and it can be made into a structure that can withstand considerable weight. The disadvantage is that it cannot be mechanized or automated. Coating adhesive inside is a fixing method that can best play the characteristics of dual cards.

(3) Sliding type. The method is not to completely fix the blister and the card together, but to bend the opposite ends of the blister or the card into a groove, and slide into each other's folds in the groove, which is a sliding type.

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