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China plastic favor boxes packaging manufacturers and wholesale plastic favor boxes packaging suppliers

, Zhejiang Haiyan Guangyuan Packing Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and is located in Tongyuan Town, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, China. It is only 120 kilometers away from Shanghai and 70 kilometers away from Shanghai. Close to Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, East-West Avenue and other fast-tracks.

The company uses PVC, PET, PS, PP, APET, OPS and other anti-static gold plating, general environmental protection, flocking (wool) raw materials...Learn More


Our Advantage

Zhejiang Haiyan Guangyuan Packing Co., Ltd. is located in Tongyuan Town, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, China.


We have a strong R&D team, and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.



We have our own PVC Production Line. So we can offer the price and Plastic favor boxes directly.


We have our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the favor boxes packaging .


We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.Our products are in line with international standards,and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world


Our annual production capacity is over 20000 tons,we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.


We are only 190 kilometers away from the Ningbo Port,it is very convenient and efficient to ship goods to any other countries.


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