The role and requirements of disposable plastic packaging boxes (1)


The role and requirements of custom disposable food box […]

The role and requirements of custom disposable food box blister packaging box In general, a good quality foamed food box, because the melting point can be as high as 150C, the added material is not easy to move. However, most of the disposable foaming lunch boxes on the market today are harmful to the body due to two main reasons. On the one hand, manufacturers will use waste plastics as materials to reduce costs, on the other hand, manufacturers will participate in many cheap additives in the foaming process, such as optical brighteners, talc, etc. These will be prone to toxins together with the stability of the lunch box. From the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, the foamed meal boxes of EPS materials can be recycled, but the current EPS recovery rate in China is only 30%. Surprisingly, the 30% recovery rate is not necessarily environmentally friendly. Domestic EPS mainly relies on four methods of incineration, chemical thermal cracking, direct recycling and solvent method. The incineration method can be used during the recycling process. The occurrence of styrene caused secondary pollution to the environment, together with high equipment costs, and the application value of materials was not fully utilized.
Blister packaging has the function of identifying and beautifying commodities. It can attract purchases and counseling costs as the main components of commodities. If you choose a business that uses blister packaging for product packaging, you need to pay attention to the planning of blister packaging , Exterior image planning. In addition, the blister box packaging also has the role of upgrading the level. Good outer packaging can better reflect the value of an item in the packaging, and it can also improve the level of the commodity and achieve a higher value, because the packaged goods are convenient for storage and convenience. Shipping, reducing damage, etc., can increase market sales and also increase surplus relatively.

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