Clamshell Packaging Fruit Packing Box

Clamshell Packaging Fruit Packing Box

Clamshell Packaging Fruit Packing Box

Haiyan Guangyuan Packing Co., Ltd.

Name  Fruit packing box
Article number fruit pakcing box- 01
Material PET/PLA
Application  Packaging for Fruit
Color  Clear

Product Details

Customized high quality non-toxic, PET/PLA clear fruit punnet packing

Product applications:
Blueberry strawberry, raspberry, fruit and vegetable, food, salad fresh produce packing
1. Allowed OEM project
2. Allowed printing your logos or brand
3. Any design can be made according to your requirements

Main features:
1) Materials: food-grade PET, PP, PS ,PLA
2) Wide range of dimensions and shapes
3) High impact resistance
4) Rich color palette
5) 100% recyclable
6) Lightweight, reducing transportation costs
7) Guarantee food safety
8) Enhance product presentation
9) Prolong shelf lifespan and minimize food waste

Advantages: 1. Absorbs redundant water and blood of meat to keep the meat dry and fresh
2. Prolong the shelf life of the aquatic products, meat, fruit and vegetable products
3. Keeps cleanness of freezer
4. Absorbs moisture automatically
5. Keeps fresh appearance of food for long time
6. Used to pack the export highly processed aquatic and meat products
7. Helps save labor and capital
8. Facilitates quick and easy packing by reducing the number of steps in the packing process
9. Eliminates the need for additional inventory management

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