Use of blister tray


Blister trays refer to a type of plastic trays processe […]

Blister trays refer to a type of plastic trays processed by a blister molding process. They are mainly used in industrial products, electronic products, and food packaging. The thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 2mm. The blister tray uses a plastic blister process to make a plastic hard sheet into a specific groove of plastic. The product is placed in the groove to protect and beautify the product. There are also transport-type tray packaging. Convenience-based. There are many types of blister trays. Tray products are one of the blister types in the blister industry. Such trays are strong in bearing capacity. According to the shape and structure of the article, the tray packaging suitable for the strength is set. The thickness of the material used is also many. Different, depending on the packaging needs of packaging items to make choices, the production of plastic products are widely used in electronics, toys, hardware, medicine, food, stationery, etc. packaging, the above products can provide PET, PP according to different requirements of customers , PS, PVC, conductive, antistatic, flocking and other sheet materials. Generally, transparent blister trays are more commonly used in packaging. Other colors can be selected according to individual needs. Commonly used in electronics industry, toy industry, stationery industry, technology product industry, cosmetics industry, health care industry and other commonly used materials are PVC, PS hard film. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, more environmentally friendly materials are used: HIPS, BOPS, PP and PET.

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