Product advantages of plastic corrugated pipe


  Plastic corrugated pipe has the following advantages […]

  Plastic corrugated pipe has the following advantages compared with metal corrugated pipe.
  1) Good corrosion resistance The raw material of the plastic corrugated pipe is high-density polyethylene, which has much better corrosion resistance than metal, and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. The concrete structure can effectively prevent the aging of organic materials caused by light and other media. When the waterproof function of the component fails due to cracks, the plastic bellows can provide good protection for the prestressed tendons and cement paste.
  2) Good insulation performance The plastic bellows itself is a non-metallic material with good insulation performance. Can avoid electrochemical corrosion. During construction, it can effectively avoid hole defects caused by electric welding.
  3) The pipe friction coefficient of the plastic corrugated pipe with small friction coefficient is actually Q07~013. The friction coefficient of the metal bellows pipe is 020~0.25. Therefore, the structural prestress loss of the plastic bellows is greatly reduced, the effective prestress can be improved, the efficiency of the prestress material is improved, and the steel is saved.

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