Plastic bellows


Plastic bellows (PA, PE, PP) are widely used in the con […]

Plastic bellows (PA, PE, PP) are widely used in the connection of machine tool machinery and electrical box control cabinets, and are equipped with plastic quick connectors. Product specifications are AD7.0, AD10.0, AD13.0, AD15.8, AD21.2, AD25.0, AD28.5, AD34.5, AD42.5, AD54.5, color black gray and natural and orange The products are beautiful, light, and durable. They are widely used in automotive wiring harnesses, electronics, mechanical wiring harnesses and other fields. They replace the original PVC and metal sheath products and become a widely used harness sheathing product on the market.[1]
PA nylon hose (PA), made of imported modified raw materials, is a high-tech product of corrugated pipe type, high toughness, high impact resistance, good bending performance, high temperature resistance, bright surface, friction resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, resistance Combustion, electrical insulation>200MΩ, halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant, widely used in automotive wiring harness, electronics, mechanical wiring harness and other fields.
Temperature range: -40℃~140℃; short time 205℃.
Mainly used in instrument, control cabinet, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, train, automobile, subway, machine tool machinery, automation control and other industries;

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