• Use of blister tray

    Use of blister tray

    Blister trays refer to a type of plastic trays processed by a blister molding process. They are mainly used in industrial products, electronic products, and food packaging. The thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 2mm. The blister tray uses a plastic blister process to make a plastic hard sheet into a spe...                            了解更多

    Jan 21,2020 News
  • Egg Blister Tray-Egg Blister Packaging (2)

    Egg Blister Tray-Egg Blister Packaging (2)

    Production process of blister egg tray 1: First make egg molds for processing: According to requirements or sample specifications, first make egg molds. Under normal conditions, gypsum is used to make plastic packaging molds, but wood carving and metal carving products can also be used as molds. Aft...                            了解更多

    Feb 10,2020 News